Is the online WeChat public number teaches you to make money?

Is the online WeChat public number teaches you to make money?

Selling one every year would have been the most profitable option, right?

Everyone looked at Boss Li.

At that moment, everyone needed Boss Li to interpret Boss Pei’s true intentions.

Boss Li remained silent for a moment. “I think... this is a huge piece of good news that Boss Pei has given us! We have to raise more funds. Even if we sell everything we have, we have to get two GPL slots!”

The investors were confused. “Huh? Why is it another huge piece of good news?”

It seemed like anything that Boss Pei decided was a huge piece of good news to Boss Li.

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Boss Pei was not giving them any preferential treatment this time. What was so good about it?

Li Shi smiled. “Think about these two statistics: six GPL slots, three days.

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“Do you think Boss Pei doesn’t know how to maximize profits by selling the slots one by one?

“Yet, why is he selling them all at once, and in such a hurry at that?

“I think there are at least three reasons for this!

“First of all, we have to receive the news, raise funds, and participate in the auction in three days. That is actually an invisible threshold. There will only be two types of companies left: the first would be like us – those who have obtained insider information in advance, made preparations in advance, and been following Boss Pei resolutely. The other would be like Shenhua – huge and not lacking in money. To them, price would not matter.

“This would shut out companies that only want to make a profit and run off. The remaining companies would all be capable and willing to cooperate with Boss Pei to do well in the GPL league!

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“Secondly, Boss Pei is showing off.

“Throwing all the slots out at once shows Tengda’s determination to make the e-sports industry huge. The more teams there are, the more intense the competition would be. Then, the audience would have the best viewing experience.

“This would be a clear signal to all participating clubs: GPL will be a large-scale and high-value formal league in the future. Everyone can invest in it without worrying, and they will definitely be able to obtain generous returns!

“At the same time, it is a form of support that Tengda offers to its partners, who will get to share in its profits.

“Think about it. If the spots for the GPL league become more and more valuable like Boss Pei expects, and they sell them all now, wouldn’t we stand to gain the most as the ones who joined him the earliest?

“Even if capital inflows get larger and larger, our club would still be able to sell its slots at a high price if it cannot carry on operations anymore. No matter what, we would not lose out!