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「Eh.... Wh-What? 」

Eyes as if they were making a fool of me.

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The moment I saw his eyes, my heart roared.

「Wh-What are you saying... 」

『No...Now that I mention it, I have yet to hear that kind of story. 』

「Ah? 」

『What do you want to be an 【Imperial Knight】 for? 』

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『From you, ‘I will protect this Imperial Capital and the peace’... never have I heard of anything fishy, like protecting the Emperor.... Tis why I assumed that the purpose was simply to succeed in life... Unless... Is there something else you want to be for any reason? 』

「It’s... 」

『You repel your father, if as an 【Imperial Knight】 the annoying public assessment you gained would continue to follow.... If sweet juice and success are not the purpose...... Why become an Imperial Knight? Are your intentions truly there? 』

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Why did I want to be an 【Imperial Knight】 in the first place?

However, I was brought up in an environment where I had to be. No, do I have to? Wrong.

Because my father, my mother, and Sadiz have never told me to be an Imperial Knight.

In the past, I wanted to be an 【Imperial Knight】 like my father.

But what about me now?

“Oh, what are you going to do?”