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Senpai said that as he tried to gently put my hand away from his should. He…looked at my eyes once again.

His eyes are filled with sadness, guilt, and…adorned with some sort of determination.

“Due to that, …even though the bitterness pains me, I should still swallow this feeling down silently and secretly.”

“You’re swallowing it down, …but what are you going to do after that? Do you want to just ignore the feelings you have for onee-chan and go out with Tendou-senpai as if nothing has happened? Is that what you’re going to do?”

My eyes are about to pierce through him-

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Senpai, …he replied with a shocked expression.

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“Eh, how can a jerk like me choose something that only I’ll benefit? This doesn’t make sense, right?”


“So, after I swallowed such an impure feeling towards Chiaki, I, …uh, I plan to disappear from the two girls entirely…”


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Senpai said something unexpected, and I froze. He quickly waved his hands and answered me.

“Ah, even though I’m saying that I’ll disappear, I’m not really going to go missing. How should I put it? I wanted to disappear from a ‘lover’s’ and a ‘man’s’ perspective, I guess. After all, …a sucker that carries a feeling close to cheating like me can never hope to match those two girls. So, I will try to distance myself as much as possible-“

“-Pfft! Ahahahaha!”


I suddenly burst into laughter, and it freaked senpai out. I put my hands around my stomach and continued laughing. …I tried to wipe my tears away from the laugh and thought.

(Jeez, …this person is just as usual. He’s dumb, innocent, and has a love of cleanliness. …However, that’s why…I want him to be loved.)

When did this all start? I feel like, …even though I’m not the girl that can pair up with him, I’m good as long as this person is happy.

However, this is obviously different than how Agu-senpai feels. After all, I…