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“Eh? But, recently, things between Aguri and you aren’t going well, right?”


My heart was severely hurt when another person says that “things aren’t going well” between us.

I pressed my chest and asked Masaya.

“M-Masaya, …when you said things aren’t going well between us, where did you hear that from…”

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“No one told me about it…It’s just something I concluded when I observed you two from the side.”

“W-Which part tells you that our relationship is rough?”

“Which part? …When a young boy and girl aren’t making any progress for half a year, it’s already pretty much that, if you know what I mean. Also, recently, I can see there’s a subtle distance between when you two are together.”


Exactly. Aguri and I…aren’t going too well these days. We treated it as a misunderstanding about the time when she almost kissed Amano. Even so, a separate issue is that we need to slowly figure out how we should treat each other.

“How should I put it…Perhaps it’s because we’re timid. It’s the same for Aguri and me.”

Both of us look like we’re the bold and open type. In reality, we tend to prioritize “respecting the partner” at no.1. So, that’s why we kept thinking, “is it too weird to do this” or “will the person misunderstand if I did that.” In the end, we can only talk about our daily lives.

Then, of course, when others saw this, they’ll feel like that “things aren’t great” for us…

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“…No, it’s not just ‘it looks like,’ …things really aren’t great for us…”

I acknowledged this once again and let out a sad sigh.

Masaya seems to realize that there’s a gap in my heart that he can exploit, so he suggested to me once again.

“Anyway, in times like this, how about you meet with a junior that’s kind of attracted to you…”

“Still, no.”

“This boy is unexpectedly conservative! Eh, please, Tasuku. Just meet the girl for once, then you can do whatever you want.”