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(Damn… Just the kick is so powerful…)

I immediately performed ukemi and returned to Seigan no Kamae. 1

However, there was no follow-up attack from Sid-san. He loosely dangled his sword, and stretched his body. It’s frustrating, but he doesn’t seem to have recognized me as a proper opponent yet. I’ll take that as an opportunity to analyse the series of attacks we exchanged.

(Sid-san’s high-speed approach was completely different from Rose’s…)

Rose’s is a『soft movement method』 that matches the breathing and blinking of the opponent.

On the other hand, Sid-san just left it to his ridiculous leg strength『Strong movement method』.

(Most of all, the thing that bothered me the most was… his swing)

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To put it bluntly, the swing was too lousy. The grip was half-baked, and his flank was not closed properly. A lousy blow that was just swung down with all his strength.

(Speaking of which… It was the same for the current kick.)

It’s just a random spinning kick that he left to his excellent leg strength.

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(Although it had an astounding force… it was just as rough)

If he was able to drop his center of gravity firmly and transmit power from the ground properly, I would have suffered more damage by now.