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“Correct, correct~”

Amasawa applauded herself for the answer she wrote.

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“Hey! Don’t go writing in my notebooks without permission!”

Kei, who was interested in the situation, showed her face, warning Amasawa for writing in her notebook without permission.

“Isn’t it alright? Just a little bit”

“Not at all!”

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The angry Kei pulled her face back.

“Senpai’s girlfriend… seems to have a habit of being angry.”

Amasawa whispered in my ear. It would be a big problem if Kei sees us like this.

Fortunately, Kei didn’t see us in the end. Displaying her unconcealed displeasure, Kei brought back the cup of coffee with the milk and sugar added.

“Here. You. Are!”

“Thank you, Karuizawa-senpai~”

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Amasawa smiled slightly.

However, instead of drinking the coffee, she stood up.

“Well, I’ve already given you my condolence gift, so it’s time for me to go back. Please feel free to use the ingredients.”