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“It’s not a small project to make a VR experience area. It can’t be done in a day or two. After all, we have to make cubicles, purchase equipment, and so on.”

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“I plan to modify the internet cafe in batches. I wanted Liang Qingfan to help me design the internet cafe. I haven’t found a good opportunity. I can take this opportunity to complete it together!”

Even though such changes would cost a lot of money, I believe that Fish-Catching Internet Cafe would look brand new by then. The turnover would be even higher!”

Pei Qian laughed in his heart, rejecting Xiao Peng’s last sentence several times.

He could consider changing it, but it was better to reduce the turnover.

Pei Qian left Slow Movement Studio not long after.

Ye Zhizhou and Wang Xiaobin came to the conference room and had a meeting with Lin Wan and the current chief designer of Slow Movement Studio, Cai Jiadong, to study the design details of “Animal Island”.

Lin Wan took a few documents from the side, flipped through them, and selected one. Then, she asked her assistant to make a copy.

Soon, this information was sent to everyone.

Each of these documents was a design plan for the new VR glasses. The one that Lin Wan picked was the final plan.

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Lin Wan said, “Boss Pei has already decided that Tengda and Shenhua will each invest 10 million yuan more. In other words, the research budget for these VR glasses has reached 40 million yuan.”

“Therefore, the design plan for the VR glasses can be finalized. We’ll use the most expensive version.”

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Ye Zhizhou, Wang Xiaobin, and Cai Jiadong picked up the document and read it again.

Before this, Old Song had many ideas. According to the research and development budget and the final price, they had been sorted into several versions.

The most satisfactory version was temporarily shelved because of insufficient research and development funds. Now that the funds were in place, there was no need to hesitate.

Lin Wan explained, “These VR glasses will adopt the all-in-one solution + wireless/wired streaming + binocular head 6DoF positioning system. The lens has to have 4K resolution, 120hz refresh rate, 125 degree field of view, and 5,000mAh battery for continuous gaming 2.5 hours...”

There were not many VR equipment at the moment, and most of them were overseas. However, there was a clear polarization in the development direction of the VR glasses.