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“Isn’t the timing perfect?”

Bao Xu’s mouth opened slightly as he froze on the spot, not knowing what to say.

January 24th, the second day of the Chinese New Year.

Zhao Xuming and the advance team from Long Yu Corporation took the plane from Los Angeles airport and landed in Shanghai Airport.

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Zhao Xuming felt like a lifetime had passed since he stepped onto Shanghai’s land a month ago.

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Zhao Xuming, Long Yu Corporation’s employees, and two other clubs were there when he went. However, when he returned, only Zhao Xuming and Long Yu Corporation’s employees were left.

That was because the two clubs had been eliminated after the group stages. Naturally, they had no reason to stay in Los Angeles and had already flown back.

It had been a long time since he heard about these two clubs on the internet.

The reason was simple. They had to play dead since they played so badly in the international competition!

It was still effective for these two teams to pretend to be dead. There was basically no one criticizing them online anymore on the internet. Their public opinion had even improved!

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On one hand, it was because FV Team had won the championship for domestic players. Everyone was busy being happy and could not be bothered to criticize the two teams that were accompanying them. On the other hand, it was because various news during the international competition had gradually been disclosed. Most people realized that the failure of these two teams could not be blamed entirely on the players. There were many reasons for the failure.

The two teams would naturally not be bombarded with concentrated firepower now that the blame had been distributed.

Thus, while these two clubs did not gain much from the Los Angeles trip, they did not lose much either.

At the very least, they would be reimbursed for their air tickets and accommodation. It would not be a loss for the players to go out and compete in international competitions.

However, the entire trip to Los Angeles was terrible for Zhao Xuming!

Zhao Xuming generously arranged for all his employees to sit in business class because there were not many people. Finally, he made up for the grievance he felt when he went to Los Angeles.

However, he still purposely chose a later flight to Shanghai because he did not want to bump into FV Team.