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“Gather their phones.”


Ishizaki collected their six phone and handed them over to Ryūen.

“So, even if you all are suspected, you don’t want us to take a look at anything?”

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They all gave different responses, but they all agreed to this statement.

“Nomura, you took quite some time before raising your hand, don't tell me you were waiting for the right opportunity?”

“Eh! No, that…”

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“Your eyes are darting around the room in an exaggerated way, and you’re sweating.”

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Nomura’s personality was originally weak, and it seemed that he was so distressed that he was on the verge of fainting.

Looking at him in such a state, Ryūen gave out a happy laugh before turning to Ishizaki to give out instructions.

“Ishizaki, these people are all ‘innocent’, give them their phones back.”