Is there an online sub-industry that can make money?

Is there an online sub-industry that can make money?

There was indeed an unread email from Finger Games.

He Desheng briefly browsed through it. He could only say, as expected of being a shareholder...

Finger Games had already replied to the email on Saturday. Dream Realization Ventures was on holiday during the weekend so no one was working overtime. He Desheng did not check his email during the weekend, which was why it was left unread until today. In any case, to reply in just a day showed how much importance Finger Games attached to their shareholder and local agent.

There was a lot of content in the email. The tone was very polite and was filled with respectful terms.

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However, while the tone was rather euphemistic, the meaning between the lines was clear. There were three key points after being translated.

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They were very grateful for the support and love Dream Realization Ventures gave to IOI.

They were also thankful to Dream Realization Ventures for their valuable comments on the game, which sparked the inspiration for their game design. However, due to some reasons that were difficult to be clearly expressed in the email, they would not be able to promise to make changes based on this as the game design was done as a whole. Of course, if conditions were to permit, these modifications were not completely impossible to consider.

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He Desheng sighed silently and closed the email after reading this rather standard reply. He had no other way. Their attitude was clear; it was impossible to change.

Dream Realization Ventures might have bought into the shares of Finger Games and obtained the exclusive agency rights in China, but it was impossible for them to dictate what Finger Games should do.

Moreover, Finger Games’ attitude towards their investors was the same. Their determination to maintain independence was rather firm.

It was already pretty good to receive such a polite reply in a short time. Finger Games probably would not even give a d*mn about such opinions if it was put forth by other companies.

It was rather normal if someone thought about it. Dream Realization Ventures was an investment firm. How could Finger Games change the contents of its game just because of some advice from an investment firm?

Dream Realization Ventures’ backer might be Tengda, but Tengda did not possess much influence overseas. Finger Games’ answer would probably still be the same.

In short, this route was dead. They would have given up if it was any other matter. However, this concerned everyone’s job security. He Desheng felt he had to use games to win back Boss Ma’s trust.

Was there any similar game to IOI then?