What can I use on my computer?

What can I use on my computer?

“That’s true, too, but... you could pick me up in a carriage, right?”

“You should walk for your health... that’s what Sadiz says.”

Sadiz is also a childhood friend of the princess.

Father and His Majesty are best friends and companions from the time they were kids, and in the same ‘Seven Heroes’ party.

Because of that, this princess and I often met when we were little, and we used to play.

Sadiz, who was still small, was there to look after me.

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“Muh... Sadiz... Hmm.”

However, although they played together, they were not good friends.

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Due to our fathers, the Princess and I were forced to play together with Sadiz looking over us. I don’t know why the princess has a bad relationship with Sadiz, but I was stuck in the middle of it.

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And I’d rather be with Sadiz, so even if the princess said, ‘I’m going home now!’, I’d just going home and play with Sadiz.... so, because it looked like I acted rudely towards the princess, I would end up eating a fist from father afterwards.

“Earth... then...... when you go home, you study and train with Sadiz... just the two of you... do you?”

“No, not as much lately... I just solve a collection of her math problems, and we eat our meals together.”

“Oh, yes. Well, it’s not something special... It isn’t, is it?” [3]

Something special... I think I’m making progress.

In that sense, for ‘now’ there has been no progress.

However, it is only ‘now’ that is.

It all depends on the outcome in two months.

”...... Hey, Earth.”