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Pre-screening comments did not count for much, but one could vaguely tell from those comments whether the audience would support the film or not. So far, Pei Qian was happy with what he was reading.

“This is good. As long as the film’s reputation crumbles, its tickets wouldn’t sell.

“I invested thirty million yuan into this film. I would have to generate a hundred million in revenue before I can recover my capital. That’s almost impossible.”

Pei Qian heaved a sigh of relief.

He was just about to exit the application when he remembered another important

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He had to see the film schedule!

Few time slots, taken together with the comments at the moment, would assure Pei Qian that the film would fail.

Pei Qian quickly clicked on the ‘real-time box office’ section to see the film’s row piece rate for the next day.

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Once the page loaded, he became dumbfounded.

Tomorrow is Beautiful’s row piece rate was 37.7%!!(MISSING)

He checked the next few films. Party for Love’s row piece rate was 24.6%!;(MISSING) Dangerous Partner’s was 19.7%!;(MISSING) Legends of the Night was 9.2%! (MISSING)The others were zero percent.

Pei Qian refreshed the page to confirm Tomorrow is Beautiful’s row piece rate of 37.7%! (MISSING)He had thought that something was wrong with his eyes, so that he had seen the decimal point in the wrong place.

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What the f*ck?!

Pei Qian was shocked and confused as if he had just understood the situation.

Why were there 37 thousand people waiting to see Tomorrow is Beautiful?

It hadn’t made sense at first. Huang Sibo and Zhu Xiaoce, and the rest of Fei Huang Workspace should not have had the resources to advertise the movie to such an extent.

They could have found other companies to advertise the movie, but they would have made various harsh demands. Huang Sibo and the others would not have left Boss Pei out of the picture.