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In the end, no one came to the company. Instead, the cell phone itself sent a bunch of system update notice.

“A new system update notice for stability? A stable version has finally been developed.”

Pei Qian looked at his cell phone’s battery and decided to update it.

Pei Qian was using Otto E1 now as well. This cell phone had been released last March and he had been used for exactly ten months.

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It was a given that it was still running smoothly since they had used the flagship microchip back then.

When he first picked it up, the 250 grams machine was indeed very heavy and painful on the hands, but he was used to it after some time.

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What’s more, the advantage of a large battery was that it could completely rid itself of the anxiety having no electricity. He could play on the cell phone for the entire day every day with juice left when he returned home.

Of course, this might be one of the main reasons why Pei Qian’s revision efficiency was so low.

Over the past ten months, Otto Technologies had been updating its systems frequently. It had been optimizing functions non-stop. However, the current version update was a big move that it had been holding back for months.

The development had been completed a long time ago, but updating the cell phone system had to be done carefully. That was because most cell phone users would choose to update once the official version was released. It would be a huge problem if something went wrong with the updating process and caused the collection of data to be lost.

Thus, the stable new version of Otto Technologies was officially updated only today.

It was only when Pei Qian walked to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and started eating that the system was finally updated.

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“There are so many updates. Let’s see if there are any changes.”

Pei Qian checked the new system on his cell phone as he ate.

The most direct feeling was that it seemed much smoother?

Whether it was sliding, dragging the icons, or other operations, they all became as smooth as silk, very similar to the POUIO cell phone.

What’s more, perhaps because Otto E1 was equipped with a high refresh rate and a flagship microchip that the smoothness felt even better than POUIO cell phone!

In addition, he could freely customize the systems that he had updated previously based on his own preferences.