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As for Pei Qian, it was best for him to return home and think about how he would spend the hundred million yuan.

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He had to stick with the principle that whoever made the money should be responsible for spending it. Since GPL had made the money, re-investing it into GPL seemed to be the best choice.

Yet, should he invest in a GPL’s stadium? Should he increase the publicity of the GPL competitions? Should he nurture the ability of the entire lower-level teams to generate revenue? Or should he create a better training base for the clubs?

There were many avenues to spend money. Pei Qian felt that he had to calm down and think of a plan that would generate the lowest yield.

After giving Zhang Yuan a few reminders, Pei Qian sighed silently and got up to leave.

All the bids had been finalized. All that was left was to sign the contracts and transfer the money.

Lin Chang stood up immediately and shook hands with Li Shi. They exchanged business cards.

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The other bosses who had won a GPL slot were also exchanging business cards.

After all, these people were all reputable figures. They had also gathered here out of trust in Boss Pei. More or less, they had commonalities. Thus, it was natural for them to want to get to know each other and expand their social circles.

What’s more, the GPL would have to work together in the future. Everyone’s interests would be aligned.

Lin Chang was naturally the most sought after in the group. He was surrounded by everyone like a moon surrounded by stars.

After exchanging pleasantries, Lin Chang looked around and was stunned. “Eh, where’s Boss Pei?”

He had thought that Boss Pei would definitely be present, but he had disappeared once Lin Chang turned his back.

Zhang Yuan quickly explained, “Everyone, Boss Pei has left because he’s too busy. However, Boss Pei has already decided to host a banquet for everyone at the nameless restaurant. Please follow me.”

Everyone was disappointed to hear that Boss Pei had left.

However, after hearing the second half of that sentence, everyone smiled again.

They could eat at the nameless restaurant again!

They had to admit that, although the food at the nameless restaurant was delicious, it was really hard to make reservations there.

Boss Pei had booked a seat in advance to treat everyone to a meal. That was very sincere of him. Everyone understood that he was busy and had no time to accompany them!