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Of course, just as Chang You had said, AEEIS’ intelligence level was not high at the moment. It was not much different from other ‘artificial retards’ in the lower-tier technological framework. However, the genius product manager of Otto Technologies had made AEEIS’ personality to the extreme based on Boss Pei’s ideas. That was why it gave people the illusion that AEEIS had become intelligent.

However, if the Useful App was successful, AEEIS would be able to monopolize the essence of the knowledge. At the beginning, it would only be able to recite poems, but it would definitely surpass the other artificial intelligence in all fields previously.

What’s more, the current AEEIS had completely exceeded Yu Pingan’s expectations.

“This ‘contrarian mode’ is created for the Fully-Automated Intelligent Bickering Machine, right? How’s the new version of the Bickering Machine going?” Yu Pingan asked.

Chang You took out his cell phone, found the design plan, and handed it to Yu Pingan. “The design has been done, and the factory has been set up. The samples will be ready by the end of this month. If there are no problems, we can produce them in a month and then sell them.”

“We might not be holding a news conference then. We’ll directly publish a promotional video and introduce the characteristics of the new OTTO OS and the Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine.”

Yu Pingan took the cell phone and checked the rendering of the Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine.

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This Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine looked different from the original version from the surface.

First was the size, it was obviously much bigger.

The Fully-Automated Bickering Machine was rather large, but there was not much space to utilize inside. There were some more detailed mechanical structures, but there was still some space.

When designing the Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine, these empty spaces were used as much as possible to stuff other things in.

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Of course, the main part of the smart speaker system, which was the woofer, could not be stuffed into it. It could only be placed under the Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine.

That meant that the entire bickering machine was much taller.

Yu Pingan noticed that this sound system was very different from the current mainstream smart speakers. It was actually designed with an echo wall system.

There were four parts in total: a bar-shaped stereo system, a woofer, and two removable surround sound systems. There were thirteen speakers of various sizes.

Among them, the woofer was located in the lower half of the Fully-Automated Bickering Machine. It was a short and fat structure. This part could be placed within a ten-meter radius at will without affecting the low sound effect.

The stereo system was separate, connected to the television by cable;

The two removable surround sound systems were more interesting. There was a lid on each side of the Fully-Automated Smart Bickering Machine. At first glance, one would not be able to see anything. However, after opening the lid, one would discover that there were metal charging points in the grooves. After placing the two small sound systems into the grooves and covering them, they would charge automatically.

According to the design, these two small speakers were meant to create a surround sound effect. They could be played continuously for 10 hours after fully charged.