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I didn’t have any other option than to use tomorrow’s meeting.

After she read everything, she responded with a seemingly annoyed message.

[Isn’t this just another troublesome errand? What’s the point?]

[I’ll explain when everything is over. It’s better for you this way.]

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[Yeah whatever. I’ll see you tomorrow then.]

Karuizawa immediately dropped it. But instantly after that, I received another message.

It wasn’t a message, it was an illustration on a small sticker.

It was of a cute round strawberry cake with a few candles put on top.

[I noticed too late.]

It was followed by this additional message, and she didn’t send anything else after that.

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“She… Did she find out about my birthday? But how?”

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I don’t remember telling anyone about my birthday. Despite thinking this, I realized the truth. On the chat app, there’s a field for a date of birth along with a name and email address. Since I hadn’t chosen to keep that information private, it was possible to access this information if someone wanted to.

I had thought that there was absolutely no chance of it happening this year. Was Karuizawa the first person to notice my birthday?

Customarily, I began to erase everything after our exchange finished.

Although I was a bit hesitant, I also deleted her birthday sticker.

I immediately accessed Karuizawa’s profile and noticed that her birthday was March 8th.

“I guess I should memorize it for the time being.”

(Part 4 End)

Today’s classes felt surprisingly long.