Salted fish online selling what is most profitable

Salted fish online selling what is most profitable

I did not take a cut from Huang Wang’s live-stream contract. I wonder if Boss Pei will support my approach or not.

Pei Qian put down the contract after some time.

Zhang Yuan hurriedly tested the ground. “Boss Pei, I did not take any commission from Huang Wang’s live-stream because...”

Pei Qian raised his hand. “Um, you did very well in this! Are the other players going to sign a live-stream contract as well?”

Zhang Yuan shook his head. “No, Waiwai Live-Streaming Platform signed with Huang Wang mainly because of his potential as a live-streamer. He knows his stuff, talks a lot, has a good figure and image.

“Most of our players are not able to do the second point and are not very good at analyzing the situation in the game. Therefore, there is not much commercial value in the view of live-streaming.

“Even if they were to sign a contract, it would not be at such a high value of two million yuan.”

Pei Qian heaved a sigh of relief.

Lucky! Zhang Yuan’s understanding of the Tengda spirit is still useful.

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The two-million-yuan contract that Huang Wang signed had nothing to do with him since the club did not take a cut out of it.

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With this precedent, it would not affect the club even if the other players were to sign with the live-stream platform. Not to mention that the other players would certainly not sign such a large contract.

However, there was a hidden threat. What if Huang Wang were to gather a large number of fans and indirectly gained a lot of attention to the DGE club?

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Therefore, this person was a hidden threat!