Said that it is online brush platform vulnerability to make money

Said that it is online brush platform vulnerability to make money

“So, what I have to do next is to turn the System Funds from 50,000 down to 0 while increasing my Personal Wealth from 443 to 50,443.>

“I just have to start losing money within the rules, right? That doesn’t seem too difficult.” Pei Qian was brimming with confidence.

Opening a company while creating value and new products in a normal way.

As the company’s boss, all he had to do was let that normalcy go slightly astray.

Wasn’t that all there was to it?

Of all the companies created, there were only few which had succeeded while everyone else failed. It’s clear which was the easiest path to go about!

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Pei Qian suddenly felt that his future was brightening up!

Previously, he only had 50,000 yuan on hand. It would be slightly ridiculous if he wanted to look for an employee with that amount of money.

But now, Pei Qian had 300,000 in his System Funds!

It wouldn’t be ridiculous to hire an employee with this, right?

Reflecting on his painful experience, Pei Qian concluded from his failure that it was because of a few things.

Firstly, he was way too unlucky!