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A room that, for some reason, felt nostalgic to me was spread out before my eyes. The place the teacher escorted us to was a spacious area that looked like a dojo.

It looks like we'll be completing this task alongside some students from the other groups.

"Starting from today, this will be where you practice Zazen in the morning and in the evening".

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"This shall be the first time I've done Zazen in my life".

The Professor said so casually from the other side but upon hearing those words, the man in charge of this task approached him.

"I-Is something the matter?".

The Professor, surprised by the overbearing pressure of the silence, asked that while looking up.

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"Is that dialect something you're born with? Or perhaps it's related to your hometown?".

"That is not the case.....".

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"Then you're not from the Muromachi period or the Edo period either right?".

"Huh? Of course that is not the case either.....".

"I see. Then I don't know why you're speaking like that but here that's a demerit for you. Take this chance to fix that ridiculous dialect of yours and grow up".