Making money online is not fake

Making money online is not fake

“Don’t let me catch any of you guys turning up at work! Whoever dares to do overtime will have their salary deducted! Knock off, go on! Knock off!”

Huang Sibo: “???”

He took a look at his watch.

It was 3pm in the afternoon.

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Cui Geng roughly scanned the document. Its main provisions concerned the rights and responsibilities for this class.

The website was obligated to provide a basic salary, insurance and funds, a working environment, accommodation, food, and the like for the authors. There were set standards for the salary, the insurance, the funds, as well as the food and accommodation.

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On top of that, about ten hours each weekor two afternoons—would be spent on team exercises.

On the other hand, the authors would only have to submit themselves to the website’s scheduling. Otherwise, the website would be allowed to terminate the contract unconditionally and retract all promises and benefits under the contract.

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There were also details about the flow and arrangement of the class.

What concerned Cui Geng the most was that, under the agreement, all authors would have clear work and rest times. Each day, they would work at their desks from 9 AM to 6 PM. In between, they would have an hour for lunch and rest.

Cui Geng was very happy with all the other provisions, but that one provision about work timings made him hesitate.

A frequent no-show like him, who had been used to working only two or three hours a day, now had to work eight hours a day at a work desk?

That sounded very difficult.

He worried that the website would retract all his benefits and privileges if he failed to hit the targets. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing?

Cui Geng voiced his concerns. “Boss Ma, the agreement states that we have to work for eight hours, right? Are there any other requirements, such as writing a minimum of four thousand words?”

Ma Yiqun shook his head. “There won’t be a word count.

“Writing is a creative process. Every author will experience writer’s block and be unable to produce anything. That’s why we decided not to set a hard and fast rule for the word count.”

Cui Geng heaved a sigh of relief.

It was good that they did not have a word count!