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"If I have to put it simply, he means types like Horikita and Yukimura".

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If it's on their own, they surely would've been able to rise to Class A, students who think that way can be made allies of even across classes.

"But that alone is not enough, right? There are also plenty of students from the lower classes that lack any kind of capability".

"If you believe Nagumo's words, every student will be given their own chance, it seems. The details of that, even I don't know".

"Isn't that like suspicious?".

"Even if it's suspicious, there's no other option but to go with that. The classes underneath B are already in crisis, since the class point gap between their class and Class A has already been clearly widened".

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The fact that Nagumo made allies out of all the 2nd years, I felt like I understand now more or less. But if that is indeed the case, the presence of Kiriyama would become incomprehensible to me.

"Shouldn't Vice-President Kiriyama also bet on that 'chance' then? If you fought against the student council president and lost, than in itself would prevent you from returning to Class A, wouldn't it?".

"If there really is such a 'chance' that might have been an option too. However, I don't believe Nagumo will really offer that kind of 'chance' to everyone. There's no way he would do that. If graduation from Class A is guaranteed and the tables are then turned on him, he wouldn't be able to take it all back then".

So that's his reason for standing up against Nagumo.

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"The moment Nagumo assumed the seat of student council president, did you not think about leaving the student council?".

"Normally one wouldn't feel like working under a person they are opposing, right?".

"If I left, what would happen? If I leave, Nagumo will only get that much cockier. If that's the case, then at least I can get into bed with him and collect information that way, and find a gap is what I thought. I believed if I gave Horikita-senpai that information, it would surely be useful to him".

Even as he spoke frankly, Vice-President Kiriyama allows his frustration to ooze through.

"Letting the traditions of this school be lost just like this, standing beside him and being able to do nothing except grit my teeth, do you understand how miserable I feel?".