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So, the normie couple slowly disappeared from our sight.

Just as I’m secretly turning around to see my girlfriend’s expression, I can suddenly feel that she’s tugging the sleeve of my uniform.

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I looked at her. Chiak plopped her head down and pouted slightly. The girl tugged my sleeve as she spoke up.

“…But I’m also…”

Chiaki mumbled to herself softly as if she’s throwing a small tantrum.

“But I’m also…v-very happy…whenever I get to be with Keita…too.”

This was…cuteness overload.

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I can feel that my heartbeat is intensifying. Finally, after a long while, I managed to squeeze out my answer.

“…Well, …I’m actually…the same.”




We couldn’t even look at each other before the bus arrived, not to mention having a proper conversation.

Chiaki led me into her living room. When I put down my school bag in the corner, I suddenly felt that something’s different. Once I snapped out of it, I can’t help but voice out my confusion. “Hmm?”

Chiaki turned around and looked at me with a baffled face.