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“I’m so envious, I really want to eat it!”

Most of the viewers in the live-stream had only entered because they were curious: they were all food from roadside stalls selling things like pancakes. How could they let the judges decide?

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However, many viewers were already treating it as a proper food program. They were even eager to try it and even wanted to order a pancake to try.

Of course, it was useless to think about it. After all, the pancakes that most people could order would definitely taste far worse than those on television.

The number of viewers in the live-stream began to increase rapidly, and the bullet screen comments became even denser!

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The living area was originally an area on the live-stream platform to show what was popular now. Food was also the eternal topic of people’s attention.

The Street Food Contest was not only interesting but also down-to-earth and professional. It was also a food program in the living area, so it quickly attracted a large number of viewers!

It might be Monday afternoon, and the entire website was slightly more deserted but this meant that there were not many major streamers and not much high-quality content.

The officials soon noticed this as well. Seeing that the Street Food Contest was so effective, they immediately transferred a lot of resources to the front page!

“...I didn’t notice it for a while. Why is it so popular?!”

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Pei Qian looked around casually. He had just flipped through the work reports of the various departments. When he returned, he saw that the number of people in the live-stream had doubled!

The popularity of the live-streaming platform was increasing. Obviously, the official platform was pushing for resources.

Pei Qian could not help but feel shocked. “There are so many people watching Monday afternoon? Don’t you guys have to work?”

“Or are they all secretly watching it at work?”