Can I write money online?

Can I write money online?

“Oh, my blood’s boiling.”

Nina-senpai seemed to have woken up completely, even groomed herself for a moment. (although her uniform is still a mess)

So, senpai increased her walking speed to normal levels. She walked by me and asked.

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“Fake Umehara, then what are you doing in the morning? Looking for girls?”

“Uh, why are all girls treating me as a chatty boy recently?”

“It’s because you’re literally trying to strike up a conversation.”

“No, I’m not-“

I realized this is how I met Nina-senpai in the middle of my sentence. So I stopped.

After I cleared my throat, I brought the topic back to her question forcefully.

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“Sometimes, I like to walk while thinking.”

“Uwah, it feels like you’re a weird normie that doesn’t put up a stinky air. I can never understand your reason.”

“There’s should be a limit for being unreasonable, right.”