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“Well, isn’t it best to not worry about it?”

Ichinose probably understands that too, Haruka said.

I continued to listen to Haruka and Airi’s conversation without joining in.

(Part 2 End)

Roughly two hours after that. The girls kept chatting and Keisei kept studying.

I’d join Airi and Haruka’s conversation from time to time while fiddling with my phone.

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Haruka’s phone, which she had placed on the table, then vibrated.

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“Ahh, it’s from Miyachi.”

Haruka touched the screen and answered the call on speaker.

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“Done with club activities?”

“Sorry, looks like I’ll be a bit late.”

It was a call from Akito, speaking in a slightly nervous tone, informing us that he’d be running late.

“Hmm? Could it be overtime club practice?”

“No… Looks like trouble’s brewing.”

“What trouble? Give me a bit more detail here.”

“Class A and Class B are quarreling. Worst case scenario, I have to be there to stop them if a fight breaks out.”