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“FV Club would probably be beaten up at 3: 0 on the same day.”

“The most disadvantageous thing for us now is that the failure of domestic teams in the IOI World Finals would greatly extinguish the passion of IOI’s local server players and diminish their sense of belonging and pride in this competition zone.”

“Many people would definitely turn to GPL and play GOG instead. This is unacceptable to us!”

“Therefore, we have to plan ahead and think of a way to protect these players.”

“We want to publicize that IOI is the most popular game in the world with many people playing it overseas. On the other hand, even though GOG is doing well, only domestic players are playing it. It is not well-known overseas.”

“What’s more, we can provide a lot of evidence.

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“For example, IOI’s global finals were held in a huge stadium with 20,000 people in Los Angeles, while GOG was only held in a recording studio in Jingzhou. Another example, IOI’s domestic team in the global finals was defeated and eliminated, while GOG’s domestic team took the top three places. This shows that there are many players playing IOI overseas, and their standards are higher than GOG.”

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“If you want to connect with the world and experience the most competitive games, you still have to watch IOI.”

“That way, many gamers would think that GOG’s gamers are very ignorant. GOG’s international invitational tournament has domestic teams in the top three because foreigners don’t play it. IOI is the game that receives the most attention in the world. You should feel superior playing it...”

“It might be a form of spiritual victory, but it should be able to have a certain effect. The netizens on both sides fighting is also a form of popularity. It’s better than no one caring about it.”

“If we want to fight for traffic with the opening battle of the GPL’s Spring Competition, we can only do this. There is no other way.”

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The assistant could not help but raise his thumb. “Boss Zhao, you can think of such a method even in such a pessimistic situation. You’re really amazing!”

Zhao Xuming’s move was actually distorting the truth.

Numerous people had already explained on the internet that GOG’s overseas market share was not low. It was basically on par with IOI in the PC field. It was even more outstanding in the mobile games field.

However, many people still had the illusion that visiting monks chant scriptures better.