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“I still can’t believe what’s happening.”

“I’m the same, Mashima-sensei. But what Ayanokouji-kun said was true.”

“Interfering with the very structure of the school, all for a single student?”

Mashima-sensei exclaimed. No matter how many people around him emphasised the authenticity of the situation, it would still be hard to believe.

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“You’ve observed Ayanokouji for a year now, Chabashira-sensei, so what kind of existence do you think he is?”

“That’s a difficult question.”

Because they couldn’t stay for long, they left the reception room a minute after Ayanokouji and Sakayanagi left.

“At first glance, he seems like a normal high school boy you couldn’t find anywhere, indifferent to his surroundings.”

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The other teachers of the other classes would probably think of him in that way.

Their impression of him wouldn’t be deep, maybe it would be up to the point where you could barely match up the name to the face.

“But there are two sides to him. It’s unnerving. Those eyes which see through everything, those aren’t the eyes of a child.”

“I’m still in disbelief…”

“Yeah. A first-year who has already reached that level…”

“Although I’ve only been a teacher for a few years, I’ve seen a lot of types of students. If we focus on the past two years, Horikita Manabu and Nagumo Miyabi are the ones that have left an outstanding impression of themselves.”