QQ group of Merger Merry Road on the Internet

QQ group of Merger Merry Road on the Internet

The clubs had speculated that GOG would be launching a league mode soon.

It was not hard to guess. The esports industry might have many deficiencies in this regard, but some popular sports events had many rules to refer to so they could just copy them directly.

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Moreover, the formation of domestic leagues was also very easy. The venue of the world competition could be used directly as the venue of the league. The clubs were concentrated in Jingzhou, and the match schedule could start immediately.

No matter how someone looked at it, it seemed like Boss Pei had prepared in advance, and none of the other regions had such unique conditions.

Zhang Yuan invited everyone over this time probably for the league.

This was also why the club managers vaguely had the idea that Zhang Yuan was taking the lead because everyone knew that Boss Zhang was not only the manager of the DGE club. He was also someone who could talk to Boss Pei directly. If he really wanted to have the GOG league, then Boss Zhang must also be one of those in charge.

Therefore, the managers of these clubs came over immediately after Zhang Yuan notified the clubs today.

They realized that Boss Pei was actually there, sitting quietly beside him, without saying a word after they had arrived.

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That confirmed everyone’s suspicion that what they were going to say today must be extraordinary.

Zhang Yuan distributed the new regulations in his hand to the clubs in turn and then went straight to the point, affirming all the requirements put forward by Boss Pei.

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“We will start planning for GOG’s domestic league next, which will be named GPL. Everyone present had contributed to the development of the GOG professional circle. You are important participants in the first Global Invitational and have the strongest players in China. Therefore, everyone has the priority to enter the GPL.


“You still need to accept some official supervision and terms if you want to join.

“Tengda is planning to establish an esports division to coordinate the development of GOG games and the entire esports circle. There are several requirements in it, which I hope everyone can cooperate with.”

The club managers looked at the new regulations distributed by Zhang Yuan.

Manager Su of the H4 Club looked at this page, frowning slightly; and his face became ugly as he read on.

The content was quite general; however, while there were no detailed terms, every one of them looked unfriendly:

Tengda established the Esports Division to manage the GOG League and World Games system in a unified manner.